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Tag: Ash (Scipio OC)

  • Name: Ash
  • Race: Nord-Werewolf
  • Attitude: proud, quick to anger, tomboy
  • Eyes: green
  • Hair: red, red pubic hair
  • Tattoos: wolf tattoo at left chest / wolf paw marks from her right butt cheek down to her ankles
  • Hight: 170cm Weight: 55kg Age: 25 Body-Type: lean, fit, freckles
  • Bust size: B-cup

General Description:

A Warrior of the Companions, grew up with them, married a Shield-brother named Hati. One day they killed Hircines favorite White Elk, got cursed, she turned into a savage Werewolf, he into a wolf. Still traveling together and trying to undo the curse, though no-one know how much human is left in Hati.

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