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What happened to the photocopier?!

Oh no the photocopier is broken again! Poor Harriet was at the wrong place..,Again…Hmmm.,, Lewd versions  
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A Sunset Shimmer melody

Ready to party, casual, or nude Sunset Shimmer is ready to follow the beat. Follow me on Twitter More animations here   Semi nude version   Nude version
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Trio Selfie

The perfect BBF photo doesn’t exis….
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Ryuko and Senketsu bonding (Animation reward!)

Ryuko and Senketsu must keep their bond strong to be ready for the next battle. They are very close. Follow me on Twitter More animations here
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Ranni’s quest is complete

It was a long hard quest, but you served the witch well. Are you ready for you reward? Follow me on Twitter More art here  
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Ryuko vs Gamagori alt. ending (Animation reward!)

This is going to be a tough fight for Ryuko…oooor maybe not! Mako to the rescue, accidental rescue! Follow me on Twitter More animations here Nude Version
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About the artist

I’m Nivaris, drawing is my life but I suck at making descriptions so… Hi! Please pretend this it’s a professional amazing description.

More of my work: