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Somethingsomething10kthankyousomething >///< I can’t believe I managed to hit 10k (and even 11k in the time it took me to draw this) thanks everyone so much!
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Tira’s Panic Strip

Okay, which one of you panicked the fox this time?!
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Explosion Casting Cost

Cool girls turn and laugh at explosions. It has never gone wrong for Poppy before!
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Fox Tail Inconveniences

Sometimes Tira forgets tails can be inconvenient. She also forgets her panties… quite often.
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Tira caught peeing

Tira caught peeing in the woods! I am being forced to post this by Bunny. Help Help she is holding me captive and making me post things. She threatened to
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Heart Boob Challenge Tira

Heart Boob Challenge Tira! Tira wishes you a Happy Flat Valentine’s Day. I wish you a ha… I wish you get bedbugs or something!
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About the artist

I’m a NSFW internet artist who enjoys drawing cute lewds and doodles!