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Tira Caught Showering

Tira caught showering! People definitely need to learn to at least knock before running into the showers! And it’s clearly marked men’s and women’s!!!!! How did they get it wrong?!
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Caught Humping

Caught Humping Being surprised in the middle of your … err workout sucks! The perks of living with friends that never knock… BUNNY
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I DIDN’T FAIL THE SPELL, MAYBE I’M JUST MAGIC RESISTANT or maybe the spell is designed to send your clothes to blind your enemies!
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Tira Bratty Spanking

It’s not about what Tira did to deserve the spanks, it’s about getting turned on by them.
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The Fall Guys incident

I have been playing Fall Guys with @BunnyHarriet  and she refuses to admit she is the reason we fell.
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When Booms Go Bad

When booms go bad. The worst part of missing a boom spell is not the fire raining on your party members…it’s your cute clothes turning to ashes.
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About the artist

I’m a NSFW internet artist who enjoys drawing cute lewds and doodles!