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Harriet’s live show!(Animation rewards!)

Harriet was quite excited cause her friend left the house. I wonder what is she planning and why does she have that lewdy smile? -Art: -Animation: -Voice Acting:
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Wendy’s lifeguard duties (Animation rewards!)

Lifeguard Wendy, I hope you enjoy this collab! -Art: -Animation: -Voice Acting: More animations here Supporter content (5$) Supporter content (10$)
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Ganyu’s milk gives you hard… bones!(Animation rewards!)

FULL ANIMATION PUBLIC RELEASE ON APRIL 2022 A new drink has the residents of Monstadt coming back for seconds… Though nobody knows exactly where the main ingredients are from. –@Lux
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May’s private show! (Animation rewards!)

FULL ANIMATION PUBLIC RELEASE ON MARCH 2022 Hay you ever wondered what does the Jellyfish Pirates crew do in their ship between Guilty Gear crisis? Well take peek! –@SunsetNiva Art
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Chika is cheating again! (Animation rewards!)

Chika can’t stop cheating in games and the student’s council had enough of it. Let’s hope that this punishment make her stop cheating for good!… Although something tells me it’s
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Nagatoro’s bouncy butt! (Animation rewards!)!

  Nagatoro is all about teasing, but she got other talents… some round jiggly bouncy ones! We hope you enjoy this animation as much as senpai enjoyed this adventure –@SunsetNiva
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About the artist

I'm a NSFW animator! I mostly make puppet animations using tools like After Effects, I love learning and working hard. Enjoy my my work <3